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What Is The Stanek Difference?

The Stanek Difference

Quality, Custom, Affordable Replacement Windows with Endless Options

We offer the best value for your investment. Stanek® Windows are custom built, just for you. Our windows are of exceptional quality, offer superior performance and energy efficiency, not to mention are beautiful, affordable and easy to maintain. But more importantly, we control the process from start to finish. We design, make, install, guarantee and service your windows.

The BEST Value For Your Investment

Replacement Window Price Comparison
Builder / Construction Grade Windows $$+
Stanek® Premium Quality Windows $$$+
Ultra Premium Architectural Windows $$$$+

We Design Your Windows

Unsurpassed Beauty

Stanek vinyl replacement windows are beautifully designed to complement not only the look of your home, but also your personal style and taste. The attention to detail that goes in to our windows is astounding. Soft, rounded corners; sleek low profile locks; and integrated lift rails are just a few of the standard features that make Stanek windows simply stunning. And we give you endless options to customize your windows just the way you want them.

Endless Custom Options

Your home and personal tastes are unique. Why should your windows be anything less? We offer endless options to create the most beautiful, energy-efficient, high-performance windows for you and your home including:

We Manufacture Your Windows

We Are The Manufacturer

Why is this so important? Because as the actual window manufacturer, we control the process from start to finish assuring the highest quality at every step. It also allows us to offer the widest range of window shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Stanek windows are made by the hard working men and women of our community who are very passionate about building exceptional quality windows and doors for your home.

Many other window companies rely on a third party to make your windows and pass them off as their own. Then if something goes wrong with the window, they point fingers and pass the blame. Stanek windows are designed, made, installed, guaranteed and serviced by one company to offer you the most options for personalization and to give you complete peace of mind.

Engineered For Performance

Stanek windows are engineered for long-term performance and have earned among the highest structural and thermal ratings in the industry. Stanek windows carry three certification labels:

  • NAMI Structural Certification Label – This gold label certifies that the window has passed all structural performance tests including forced entry resistance (FER), resistance to air infiltration, resistance to water infiltration and design pressure (DP).
  • NFRC Certification Label - This label certifies that the window will perform to the thermal (or energy) ratings listed including u-factor, solar heat gain coefficient and visible light transmittance. Think of this label like a fuel economy label on a vehicle. The ratings will tell you how energy efficient your windows are.
  • ENERGY STAR® Label - This label certifies that the window has met Energy Star requirements based on the region in which the window is to be installed.

Built to Last

Stanek windows are made using only the highest quality materials like structurally reinforced uPVC frames and stainless steel hardware. This ensures your windows will not only look beautiful, but will also function and perform effortlessly for the life your home.

We Install Your Windows

Expert, Mess-Free Installation

The proper installation of a window is vital to its long-term performance. Without proper installation, your windows won't have adequate structural support and over time, could fail. Our factory-trained, Stanek windows installation staff provide expert installation, delivering unbeatable quality control and long-term performance of your windows. In addition, we treat your home with the utmost respect and do everything we can to minimize disruption of the interior and exterior of your home. In short, our crews are considerate and clean up after themselves.

Cold Weather Installation Process

Don’t let the cold weather discourage you from replacing your windows. We have a cold weather installation process that minimizes your home's exposure to the elements throughout installation during the cold winter months.

We Guarantee Your Windows

Independently Tested & Certified

You can rest easy knowing your investment is certified and guaranteed. Stanek windows are independently tested and certified for structural and thermal performance in an accredited laboratory. Performance tests include resistance to forced entry, air leakage, water penetration; design pressure; u-factor; solar heat gain coefficient; visible light transmittance and more.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We confidently stand behind our custom-manufactured products with a limited lifetime warranty for peace-of-mind protection. As the manufacturer of our own windows, should you experience an issue with one of our products, you work with us directly, not a third party.

We Service Your Windows

Exceptional Service

Our service doesn’t stop once your new windows are installed. If there's ever an issue with your windows at any time, we're here to help. Our trained service technicians are professional, courteous and each and every one is a Stanek windows expert. Don't just take our word for it – read what our happy customers have been saying about their recent experiences.

We know you can purchase windows almost anywhere. However, the differences in engineering, construction, quality and installation are astounding. Buying replacement windows is a substantial investment in your home and you should feel confident in your decision for years to come. Every Stanek Window is custom made specifically for your space. Discover the Stanek Difference and what Stanek Windows can do for you and your home.

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