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Holiday Windows

March 25, 2014 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

In this post, you'll learn ...

  • Which holidays are window décor-worthy
  • Ways to get out of your window and door decorating rut
  • New ideas for hands-on crafts, and local craft store décor

Year-Round Holiday Window Decorations

We have a flurry of holidays just around the corner! Of course, everyone dresses up the windows and doors during Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but what about all the other holidays throughout the year? There’s at least one holiday every month, so why not take advantage of the festive spirit and adorn your windows and doors?

Window Decorations for EasterEaster can be a special time to celebrate spring and welcome in some warmer weather. You can create a simple decoration by attaching colorful eggs on a pastel ribbon to hang from the windows, or arrange grass in window sills with colored plastic eggs nestled within. Purchasing egg-shaped candles from your local craft store make excellent night-time decorations. Once lit, these festive little candles will illuminate your windows, making even a chilly spring evening a little warmer. As with any lit candles in your home, be sure to use common sense and keep anything flammable away from the flame.

For a hands-on craft for the family, papier-mâché can be used to make Easter eggs of all sizes. You can craft eggs to look as if they’re broken and fill them with small yellow chicks or candy surprises. Bunnies and rainbows can also make highly attractive decorations for windows and doors.

Memorial Day Home DecorationsMay brings Memorial Day and families enjoy showing their pride with an American flag in their front yard. Be sure to leave it up through July 4th, Independence Day. Appropriate Memorial Day and Fourth of July decorations can include anything red, white, and blue or flag-related decor. For a homey decoration that can be left up throughout the summer, look for faded glory items with a rustic feel. Although they are fantastic for patriotic holidays, they look great year-round.

For those “in-between” times when a holiday-specific theme just doesn’t seem right, you still have many options! Decorations could include flowers, candles, wreaths, burlap and other vintage items. Hang a rustic ornamental bird cage in windows and adorn with flowers and ribbon, or fill with dried flowers. You can get the whole family involved in cutting out craft paper shapes (think stars, hearts, and circles) in various sizes and hang them on satin ribbon. These can also be placed in windows or around the doors of your home.

Stanek Windows has been providing custom-manufactured products for residences all over, and that’s why we love windows (and decorating them). We custom manufacture all products in the USA and take pride in offering a full line of quality windows and doors for homes of any style. Contact us today to learn more.