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Main Causes of Drafty, Foggy Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows

Are the Windows in Your Home Failing?

Is the temperature in your home difficult to regulate? Do you feel cold or hot spots when you stand in front of your windows? Are your windows hard to open and close? Windows won’t lock? If any of these issues sound familiar, you may have failing windows, but these aren’t the only tell-tale indicators.

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Sagging Window, Rotting Window, Foggy Window

Top 8 Signs Your House Windows May Need to be Replaced:

  1. Drafty Windows - Drafts even when the windows are closed
  2. Leaky Windows - Considerable heat or cold coming through the glass
  3. Foggy Windows - Fogginess or streaking in between the panes of glass
  4. Condensation Between Glass Panes - Ice or condensation in between the panes of glass
  5. Sagging Windows - Sashes appear to be sagging
  6. Difficult to Operate - Windows won’t lock, open or close
  7. Rotting Windows - Frames or sashes mushy to the touch
  8. Moldy Windows - Visible rot or mold growth

​​What Causes Windows to Fail?

What Causes Windows to Fail?

It’s frustrating when you notice that your home’s windows are no longer functioning properly. No one wants to look out their window and be unable to see through the glass because of a permanently foggy window or feel drafts on a cool fall night when the window is completely closed. So why do windows fail in the first place? Windows, like most man-made objects, don’t last forever. But there are several factors that can cause residential windows to fail prematurely and they can be broken down into three main categories:

  • The quality and materials of the original window
  • How the window was installed
  • How well the window has been cared for


The Quality of the Window

Window Seal Failure

Structural Failure

Use of Single Pane Glass

Lack of Low-e Coating

Hardware Failure

​​Window Installation

​​Window Care and Maintenance

Failing Windows Summary

Purchasing quality windows made with superior materials to help keep your home secure and comfortable year-round, should be a major consideration instead of just price. Sure, cheap windows are less expensive up front, but you’ll end up replacing them decades sooner than quality-made windows. And you’ll more than likely end up paying more to heat and cool your home over time than if you were to purchase quality, energy-efficient windows, like Stanek Windows, in the beginning.

At Stanek Windows, we custom design and manufacture exceptional quality and energy-efficient windows for your home. Our windows are structurally reinforced and utilize quality hardware as well as exceptional spacers and seals. Plus, our windows are installed by expert craftsmen to ensure optimal performance. Whether you are looking to replace a single failing window or an entire house of windows and doors, we can help! To get started, simply call us at 1-800-230-8301 or fill out our online form. One of our window experts will come to your home at your convenience and assess your existing windows, make recommendations for replacement, and leave you with a project estimate. We look forward to learning how we can help you!

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