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Posts in Category: Home Renovation Tips

How to Clean Window Screens 

July 31, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

how to clean window screensLooking through clean window screens is one of life’s simple pleasures and is not difficult to do, especially with Stanek easy-to-clean windows. You can clean your screens outside or in a bath tub with ordinary household products. Here is a step-by-step guide.

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Four Ways Replacement Windows Add Value to Your Home 

replacement windows to add value to homeThere are many improvements you can make to your home to increase the value; however it’s hard to judge which one in particular will have the biggest impact. The replacement value of windows is actually pretty great, in terms of both monetary value and quality of life. If you are considering replacing your windows, check out these four ways that they can add value to your home.

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What Type of Windows Do I Need for My Home? 

Custom windowChoosing the right windows for your home is not an easy task: You need to consider form as well as function because, depending on the style of your home and the size of the window opening, some choices will be better than others. Another major factor to consider is improving energy efficiency, a major motivator for consumers who wish to replace their existing windows. 

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Why Cheap Vinyl Windows Will Fail in 3-5 Years 

June 10, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Replacement Windows

Stanek Casement Windows  The old-time single-pane wood windows of the past used to last for 40 years, with some scraping and painting. Many windows today, however, don’t come close to that. Today’s cheap windows are doomed to fail at the tender age of just five to ten years, sometimes even three to five. Sven Kramer explains how to buy windows the smart way!

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5 Ways to Childproof Your Windows 

May 07, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

childproof your windowsJust as fire can be a fatal hazard, especially for kids, windows pose a very real threat as well. One recent study, offered by the Journal of Pediatrics, put the number of serious injuries to children who fell out of open windows and had to be taken to the hospital at over 5,000 each year. What’s surprising is that 83% of those incidents in the study involved screened windows! Obviously, windows, even screened ones, pose a threat to infants and toddlers, and even older children at times.

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17 Window Condensation Solutions 

May 06, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Replacement Windows

condensation on windowsWindow condensation can be downright irritating, and in some cases, it can even damage your home, especially if you have older windows. It can rot wood molding and damage plaster, and the excess moisture in your home, which causes interior condensation, can damage your entire home, not just the areas around the windows.

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How to Measure for Replacement Windows 

April 24, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Replacement Windows

measuring for windowsSo, you’ve decided it’s time to get new replacement windows. Maybe you’re interested in lowering your energy bills. Or, maybe you’d just like to get your slice of the whopping 10% tax credit  that the U.S. government is handing out this year (2013) for new energy efficient windows. Whatever your reason, someone will need to measure your current window to give you an accurate quote and a correctly sized replacement window.

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Tax Credit for Windows Installed in 2013 

window tax creditMany Energy Star-certified windows qualify for a hefty tax credit of ten percent of the cost of the window. This article presents a brief rundown of things you need to know to qualify.

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How To Insulate Windows With Plastic For Winter 

April 19, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

How to insulate your windowsMelissa Skinner with Great Day Improvements demonstrates how to properly insulate your windows with plastic for winter and energy efficiency.

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