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Tax Credit for Windows Installed in 2013

In this post you will learn...

  • What you will need to know about the 2013 Window Tax Credit.
  • What is Energy Star and why is it important?

Many Energy Star-certified windows qualify for a hefty tax credit of ten percent of the cost of the window. This article presents a brief rundown of things you need to know to qualify.

Important Things to Know

  • Your 10% credit is capped at a $200 total, for all the skylights and windows you’ve installed, not each window.
  • Tax credits for replacement windows and new energy-efficient windows installed in 2013 do not include the cost of installation.
  • There’s no need to replace every single window in your home in order to qualify, and you can even put in a brand new window where there hadn’t been one before.
  • You must have installed your energy-efficient windows by December 31, 2013.
  • The product you report for your tax break must be Energy Star certified. (All Stanek windows carry this distinction.)

What Is Energy Star, Anyway?

The EPA created Energy Star in 1992. It’s a voluntary program that helps identify and quantify energy-efficient products and label them for consumers. Because of Energy Star, consumers can give preference to products that advance the cause of good environmental practices where the complex field of energy efficiency is concerned.

Read more about Energy Star Federal tax credits.

Important Things to Hold Onto

  1. Your receipts, of course, are paramount. When did you ever hear of the IRS not wanting to collect these before they will smile upon you?
  2. Labels such as a NFRC or NAMI certification, which are voluntarily provided by companies like Stanek, will show the government at a glance the accurate energy efficiency ratings of your new windows. They are rated by independent sources and include such information as quantifiable performance, any solar ratings, a number indicating the precise amount of visible light allowed in, the measurement of heat transferred (U-factor), and the product’s description.

nfrc label

Things to Fill Out

The proper IRS tax form to fill out in order to redeem your 10% reward for buying energy-efficient windows is the 5695, called “Residential Energy Credits.” You’ll fill this out, then attach it to your regular income tax form and send the whole package in with the receipts and labels you’ve been conscientiously collecting.


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