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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

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Your home is where your family finds refuge from the world. It’s a place where great meals are made, fun and entertainment are had, and you gain loving support from other family members. Needless to say, it’s a good place to invest your time and money. A beautiful home can be a welcome retreat, but many homes suffer from poor curb appeal. Curb appeal includes more than just putting a coat of paint on the house. You can make changes that will also transform your home into a more comfortable place to live.

Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Have you noticed cold spots around the windows or heard a whistling sound when the wind blows? This means air is getting through and into your home and your energy bills may be higher since your HVAC unit must work harder to keep the cold air warmed. Though replacement windows are an investment, they will beautify your home and improve curb appeal, while increasing the interior comfort level. This is the type of investment that homeowners usually only make once or twice in a lifetime, so install an excellent quality replacement window for best results.

Upgrading your Front Entry

replacement entry doors

If you have a front porch, then this can be a good place to improve curb appeal. It may only need a coat of paint. For a more drastic change, consider installing columns. You can find columns in all types of architectural styles, including Tuscan, Craftsman, Victorian and others. Purchase high-strength reinforced polymer for low maintenance and years of usage. Many homes could benefit from the installation of a new front door. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much difference a beautiful fiberglass entry door can make. These are now available with decorative glass in all colors, styles and materials.


Exterior shutters can give even the most dreary-looking house a vibrant, fresh feel. These timeless window accents are easy to install and available in many styles, colors and sizes. These days, homeowners choose vinyl or faux wood because of their long-lasting benefits. You’ll find so many styles and colors, such as pine, plantation white, or custom colors. Try to get samples if possible to take home so you can make sure that you’re getting exactly the right product.

Tips on How to Add Value to Your Home

Instead of simply focusing on changing the outer appearance of your home, be sure to incorporate changes that make sense and offer multiple benefits. For instance, if your window frames have rotted and you’re ready for new windows, choose a triple pane insulated replacement window that will save money on heating and cooling bills. Installing the right replacement windows will give your home a much more comfortable feel, lower electric bills and increase the home’s value. If you ever sell your home, replacement windows are a good selling feature that potential buyers will love.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Stanek ULTRAXTREME™ Windows

Stanek ULTRAEXTREME® Windows provide superior energy-efficiency that can lower monthly bills and make your home look and feel great. Even the biggest brand names can’t match the high quality of ULTRAEXTREME replacement windows. Every detail is carefully designed for beauty, durability and many years of faithful service. Give your home an Extreme Makeover today with Stanek ULTRAEXTREME® Windows. Contact us for a free in home consultation.