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Window Condensation in Winter

In this post you will learn ...

  • The reason condensation forms on windows
  • Changes you can make to reduce condensation
  • When condensation can be remedied by changes and when it’s time to replace windows

Are your windows coated in condensation every winter? A small amount of wetness is generally not problematic, but a lot of condensation could pose bigger issues.

Window Condensation in Winter - Causes and Solutions

window condensationWhen old man winter comes knocking on your windows does he leave behind a wet handprint? If so, you aren’t alone. Condensation occurs when the warm air inside of your home meets up with the cold glass of your window. It is not an unusual problem, and it has become more prevalent over the years as the quality of windows has increased. In the past, when heat could escape to the outside and homes were not as airtight, it was difficult for condensation to form. Today’s superior windows keep homes airtight, which can create the perfect conditions for condensation if you have a relatively high indoor humidity level.

Window Condensation – Is it Bad?

A little bit of dew on the window is probably not problematic. This simply means your home and your windows are keeping you insulated from the outside elements. However, if the windows are so wet they need to be wiped down with a towel to dry, you have larger issues at hand. Moisture that drips from the windows and into your home can create soggy spots on your drywall and insulation. In the right conditions, this moisture could result in mold growth.

Tips for Controlling a Limited Amount of Condensation

You may be able to reduce small amounts of condensation by making slight changes in your home. Controlling the level of humidity is key. This can be accomplished by:

  • Ventilating everything you can to the outside. This includes bathroom and kitchen fans and dryer vents. Keeping warm air outside of the home can make a huge difference in your interior humidity levels; and the lower the humidity on the inside, the less chance of condensation forming on your windows.
  • Cracking windows if necessary. If your home does not have a bathroom exhaust fan, for instance, crack a window while in the shower to help the warm air escape.

Replacing Windows to Control Condensation

Casement Windows

If you try the above tips and find it impossible to control the condensation on your windows, and your windows are older or poorly insulated, it may be time for replacement windows. Look for windows that can be opened wide for maximum ventilation, such as Stanek’s Double-Hung windows, which feature upper and lower sashes that open, and our casement windows, which open at a 90-degree angle. Purchase glass with the highest insulation factors possible, like our XTREME high-performance glass with a triple-pane design.

Contact Stanek Windows today at 1-800-230-8301 for a FREE, No Obligation, In-Home Estimate. We can assist you with finding the perfect windows for your home, so that you can keep old man winter outside, where he belongs.