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What are the Benefits of Replacement Windows for Each Season?

Double Hung Windows

In this post, you will learn ...

  • The benefits of replacing your windows in any season
  • How your windows can be efficiently replaced during winter
  • Why you should choose Stanek brand replacement windows, no matter the season

Experts estimate that 70 percent of a home’s energy loss occurs in windows and doors, and 90 percent of window heat loss occurs through the glass. Although no one really wants to think about their home’s windows, they are an important component that can drastically affect your energy bills and overall comfort. Don’t put up with energy loss, no matter the season.

During any season, it’s important to start thinking about replacing your drafty, failing windows. But while you may assume that windows can’t be replaced in cold weather, there are many benefits of replacing your windows during the winter.

Winter Window Replacement

All too often, it can be easy to put off replacing your home’s windows until absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, winter is usually when you realize that your windows are failing because it’s much easier to feel cold drafts. In the winter months, windows can become brittle in freezing temperatures, causing them to break easily; especially if they are old. With the cold wind blowing outside, the last thing you want is a broken window.

Instead of dealing with damaged or drafty windows all winter, consider having your windows replaced now before they get any worse. While winter doesn’t seem like an ideal time for window replacement, it is typically the slowest season for window installers. This means their schedules are flexible, making it easy to find a time that works for you. Replacement window companies may also offer you sales or specials during their slower months. Replacing windows in the winter can also result in lower heating bills once they are installed.

Won’t My House Get Cold During Winter Window Installation?

Stanek Windows offers a cold weather installation process to minimize heat loss in your home. By utilizing a two-man crew during winter months, we minimize your home's exposure to the cold air. Each window opening is only exposed for a few minutes while the old window is removed and the new window is set in place.

Spring Window Replacement

Bay Window Image

With the rising temperatures, spring is the beginning of window installers’ busy season, which means you will have to plan ahead to find a time frame that works for both parties. A benefit of spring window replacement is that spring and summer days are longer with extended hours of sunlight, which could help make the installation project shorter.

If you’re replacing windows in the spring, it’s important to consider energy-efficient replacement windows for the upcoming summer, which can keep your energy costs as low as possible while running your air conditioning.

Summer Window Replacement

Double Hung Window Exterior Image

Think summer is the perfect time to replace your windows? Everyone else agrees! Summer is the busiest season for window installers, which could make scheduling more difficult. Installing replacement windows in the summer does, however, mean that you won’t have to worry about freezing winds coming in during the process, although flying insects are more prevalent and have the possibility of entering your home. Warmer weather also helps caulk adhere, making your seal as tight as possible.

If you plan on hosting any summer parties or barbecues, make sure to plan accordingly around the installation of your new replacement windows. Typically, July is the best summer month to schedule your project. With vacations and back-to-school plans, many families are too busy to schedule renovations during this time and many window companies run specials to fill valuable installation appointments.

Fall Window Replacement

In the fall, window installations tend to increase as homeowners prepare for the upcoming winter, making schedules a little tighter. Since failing windows are the most noticeable in the winter, it’s beneficial to have them replaced before the cold air arrives and your heating bill skyrockets.

With the weather turning colder, your old windows can allow more moisture into your house. The moisture buildup can eventually turn into mold or mildew, which can be dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Window Condensation Image

Bottom line: if your windows are failing at any point during the year, it’s best to get them replaced right when you notice the issue, rather than waiting until warmer weather arrives. Drafty windows can cause heating and cooling issues, and can be very costly over time. A reputable company should be able to replace your windows, no matter what time of year you decide to replace them.

Preparing or Window Installation in Any Season

You can save time and money by preparing for the window replacement before the installers arrive. Here are a few ways to prepare your home in any season:

  • Clean the area around your windows. Dust and pollen can cause problems if accidently mixed with caulk.
  • Take down blinds and curtains from your windows. In most cases, the hardware can stay, however, ask your c installer to be sure.
  • If you have a security system, deactivate your window sensors before the installers arrive.
  • While window installers often use drop cloths, it may be helpful to use additional drop cloths or plastic sheeting of your own on the surrounding walls and floor to keep your home free of additional dust and debris.
  • Tree branches and shrubs can sometimes create obstacles for the installers, so it can be helpful to cut back any foliage beforehand. It’s also important to remove any outdoor window decorations, such as holiday wreaths and lights.
  • Move any furniture that might be in the way of the installers so that they have a clear path from the installation spot to the front door. If the items are too heavy for you to move by yourself, ask for help. Most installers are happy to assist.
  • Before the window installers begin, it’s important to make sure that children and pets are secured in a place away from the work space. The installers will be carrying heavy objects, so everyone will need to stay clear of the area.

At Stanek Windows, our factory-trained staff provides expert installation, no matter the season. If you’re ready to meet with one of our experts to discuss your replacement window options, schedule your free, in-home estimate today, or give us a call at 1-800-230-8301 for more information.

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