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Window Design Trends for Your Home

Blog Post Updated on: September 30, 2020

custom windows

In this post, you will learn…

  • The latest trends in window design
  • How energy-efficient windows can save you money
  • How Stanek® can customize windows for your home

Choosing windows for your home is not always easy, so it’s important to be aware of current window trends when updating your home. Learn some ways to keep your home in-style with new windows, accessories and window treatments.

Design Your Own Custom Windows

While double-hung windows are still the most common window option, a new trend is adding custom windows to your home. No room is the same, so your windows shouldn’t be either! With the 25 different specialty shapes Stanek® offers, you can create a custom window design for your home that will stand out.

Let the Sun Shine Through

Large casement windows have also risen in popularity recently due to their ability to control ventilation with ease. There are many benefits to adding large windows to your home, especially when it comes to lighting. Large windows allow more natural light into your home, which can save you money on your electric bill. With the trend of high-ceiling homes, there has been a new development in adding architectural windows in high places on your walls. At Stanek® Windows, we offer many different custom options for you to choose from to ensure we find the right look for your home.

Consider Vinyl Windows

Wood windows have always been a timeless choice, but they require extensive upkeep in order to maintain functionality and appearance. According to, wood windows tend to rot and warp after a period of time. Because of this, vinyl windows are rising in popularity, especially those that are structurally reinforced and crafted using premium uPVC vinyl, which is eight times more impact resistant than plasticized PVC.

Custom Windows

Add Color to Your Windows

Vinyl windows are more energy efficient and less expensive than wood and also give you the opportunity to customize your look with interior and exterior color options. Why choose white when you can make the exterior of your windows any color to boost the curb appeal of your home? Stanek® vinyl windows are offered in unique color options and are engineered to last and keep your windows looking new for years to come.

Upgrade Your Windows with Accessories

Think you are done designing your windows? Not quite yet. Every detail counts, including the finishes on your window locks, cranks and levers. Satin nickel hardware is gaining popularity, but it is important that you choose a hardware finish that fits your look and does not draw attention away from your beautiful window. Custom grids or etched glass patterns are another way to add personality to your windows and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency

Triple-pane glass

You may be thinking that there is nothing wrong with your old windows, but have you ever thought about how much energy they may waste? You’d be surprised how much money our energy-efficient glass windows can save you. The type of glass you choose for your windows greatly affects the flow of heat that enters and exits your home, as well as the amount of light that comes through. Our high-performance glass options retain more heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer to reduce cooling costs. Our energy-efficient windows also save you money on other items in your home by blocking 90-percent more UV rays than ordinary glass, which keeps fabric, furniture and floor coverings in your home from fading so they look new longer. Windows and doors are the cause for an estimated 70-percent of energy loss in homes, so follow the trend and save money in the long run by investing in Stanek® energy-efficient windows.

Window Treatments

Pay Attention to Details

Once you’ve decided on the type of windows that best complement your home, don’t leave them bare! Window treatment trends have recently changed. While bare windows were trending a few years ago, those days are over. It is important you choose the right window treatment to ensure your windows are the focal point of each room. You want your window treatments to be simple enough to flow with the rest of the room, but sleek enough to add personality to the space.

Unique Styles for Your Home

Trends are always evolving, so make sure you are updating your home with contemporary designs. If you have any questions about which custom windows are best for your home, contact the experts at Stanek® Windows. Schedule a free, in-home estimate today to find out how we can customize your windows to be as unique as you are.