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Replacement Windows - Benefits of Vinyl Windows

May 13, 2017 Categories: Replacement Windows Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows Picture

In this post you will learn …

  • The benefits of vinyl replacement windows
  • The differences between wood, aluminum and vinyl replacement windows
  • Styles of windows to complement your home

The use of vinyl windows has increased nearly 30% from 1996 to 2012, and continues to this day. The surge in the use of vinyl replacement window is related directly to their ease of use, durability, and superior energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are highly weather-resistant, even in extreme conditions. Furthermore, since the color goes through the entire thickness of the vinyl, the material is fade resistant and a scratch can be polished smooth with little effort.

Comparing Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl Replacement Windows

comparing windowsWood and aluminum windows were top options for windows in the past, but today’s vinyl replacement windows are the best on the market. Wood tends to react poorly to moisture, which may cause swelling, splintering, and/or sagging. Wood windows require regular maintenance, too, resulting in an inordinate amount of time and money spent on sanding and refinishing the windows long after they are hung. Aluminum won’t rot, but it will oxidize, and aluminum grows hot or cold to the touch depending on the weather outside.

Stanek Windows’ vinyl replacement windows are constructed with unplasticised PVC (uPVC) or premium vinyl, a strong, safe, water resistant material. These windows will not rust, rot or deteriorate and they offer superior insulation and energy efficiency for your home. An easy wipe down keeps them clean, and since Stanek Windows’ colors are fade resistant, your vinyl replacement windows will continue to look new years after they’ve been installed.

ULTRAXTREMEOur line of vinyl replacement windows also features FIBERMAX reinforcement, a composite material that provides structural integrity for superior strength and durability. Stanek Windows’ ULTRAEXTREME Windows windows are slim but strong, and have received among the highest structural and thermal ratings in the industry.

Stanek Windows Features a Variety of Styles to Fit Your Home’s Design

One top concern for homeowners interested in replacing windows is that of matching the replacement with the design style of the home. Not to worry, Stanek Windows offers custom color options and designs, so you can create and get the look you want.

Stanek Windows Wood Series interior color options offer the rich look of real wood with the durability and ease of maintenance of vinyl; available in light oak, medium oak, walnut and cherry. Our exterior color options include the common colors shown below as well as custom colors. Tell us what you have in mind or present us with a paint color swatch and we will produce a match for it.

exterior window color options

And because we offer custom designs, we can fit your home with windows in a variety of geometrical shapes, including trapezoids, eyebrows and half-rounds.

Along with the above features, replacement windows by Stanek also feature:

  • A custom-milled sash, which creates a precise fit
  • Automatic tilt-in feature, making cleaning a breeze
  • Low-E and triple-pane options, for the utmost in energy efficiency
  • Thermal ratings that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements

Enjoy our photo gallery of past projects to see some of our many vinyl replacement window options. Ready to see clearly again? Contact a Stanek Windows s professional at 1-800-230-8301 for a free, in home consultation and estimate.