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How to Hang Curtain Rods

October 21, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Window Treatments

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In this post you will learn...

  • Learn what you will need to do before you determine what kind of curtains you will need for your home.
  • What tools you will need to hang curtain rods in your home.
  • Tips on how to measure and install curtain rods.

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, there are numerous projects around your living space that will eventually want to change or improve. One such project could be hanging curtain rods. Whether it’s because you bought a new house, rented a new apartment or you want to spruce up your brand new windows, it is a good skill to know how to hang curtain rods. Let us help you prepare yourself for this task.

First, there are a few things to consider before you decide to start marking up your wall and over complicating things:

  • Consider the height of your place
  • The size of the recess of your window (the space above the actual window)
  • Your aesthetic preference

Your curtain rods will need to be measured out beyond the window on each end, but how wide and how high you decide to place the brackets or end supports is up to you. Many feel that going high and wide in their placements makes the room seem taller which is quite pleasing to the eye.

Also consider the height of your curtain and how close to the ceiling you will place your curtain rod. Make sure your measurements go long enough to cover the window and reach the floor.

After you have considered these details and made up your mind, you can start the real heavy lifting. Start by making your mark above the corner of the recess of your window. Measure up with a measuring tape and mark the highest point that you want one of your end supports to go. Don’t worry about width yet. First, we focus on height.

Once you have made this mark, determine your height on both sides of the window at the corner recess points. Then, pull out a ruler or other object that will help you to draw a straight and level line. Draw a level line from one mark to the other. Now you can use a ruler to mark the width points. Start from your marks for your height and measure out to the appropriate width and mark those points on both sides. Now you have your two most important points.

Now that you have these two points, take your bracket or end support and go to the point where your width and height lines meet. Center the piece on this point. Now you mark where the holes need to go for your support. Drill or screw in your screws for these appropriate points to support your end support which should now be hanging in the correct spot to support your curtain rod.

Your rod probably isn’t cut to length, so now is the time to get a visual for what is happening. After you put up one end support, put the curtain rod through the end support or place it on the rod bracket. You will then be able to see to the point on the other side of the window where your other end support or rod bracket will go. You can use the rod to look at these two points and determine whether you need to cut it down at all and by how much.

Now that your rod is the appropriate length, you probably have curtain rings to attach. Make sure to attach those to the curtain rod before putting your other end support or rod bracket on. After you have put the rings on, repeat the previous directions to add your other end support.

Next, place outer rings on each end of your rod. These go on the outside of the end supports. Your rod should also have finials which go on each end of the rod to help secure it. Also to help secure your curtain rod, it is a good idea to screw the rod to the bracket/end support. You place these screws on the bottom of your brackets so they cannot be seen. You may need to pilot drill the holes first, but it shouldn’t be too difficult once the hole is started.

Once you learn how to hang curtain rods, and all this hard work is done, you can now hang your curtains and let the room come to life. And as you look upon your masterpiece with delight, you can be happy you prepared yourself for hanging curtain rods.