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What to Look for in Replacement Windows for a Sunroom

Traditional Sunroom

In this post you will learn...

  • How to determine if your replacement windows are energy efficient
  • Custom options for replacement windows
  • How to add comfort to your sunroom with replacement windows

Whether it is during the hot summer months or the bitterly-cold winter, replacement windows are an excellent way to improve your traditional, stick-built, sunroom. Traditionally-framed sunrooms are designed to be a true extension of your home. This addition is truly unique, since you can custom design your new room with as many windows, and any type of window you wish – allowing for maximum sunlight and functionality. The windows in a three season or four season room can also be replaced, but the construction of these rooms is slightly different than a traditional sunroom addition, as they use only fixed or sliding window options. 

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows for your traditional sunroom can reduce your energy bills significantly. This is because well-insulated and properly-installed windows prevent heat from leaking out and ensure fresh air in the spring and summer.  

There are several types of replacement windows for a traditional sunroom that not only complement your home’s architecture and design style, but also require little maintenance once they are installed. Whether you choose vinyl or wood frames, they will be durable and efficient.

Custom Replacement Windows

Custom Replacement Windows

Another reason to replace your traditional sunroom windows is that they can be customized to match the style of your home. If you have a backyard you are particularly proud of, installing a room filled with windows is a great way to easily admire your handiwork.

Replacement windows can also be any shape or size you wish. Some prefer to have a series of tall, narrow windows; while others prefer large windows with no dividers, so they can have an unobstructed view of their property. The color and material of the window frames you choose also add style to your home. 

Add Comfort to Your Traditional Sunroom with Replacement Windows

Replacement windows for your sunroom can greatly improve the comfort of your home. Having the ability to control the temperature inside while still viewing the outdoors offers you great place to kick back with a novel and spend the day relaxing. Insulated windows reduce noise, so you can play music without disturbing family members or peacefully flip through the pages of your favorite magazine while the traffic outside is reduced to a dull hum. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors with custom, high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows, contact Stanek Windows today and schedule a free in-home estimate online or call 1-800-230-8301.