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Why a Bay Window is Perfect for Your Home

Stanek Windows bay window with a copper roof on a brick house

In this post, you will learn…

  • The characteristics of a bay window
  • The benefits of installing a bay window
  • The types of bay windows

If you’re thinking of installing a bay window but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for your home, read on to learn all about the characteristics, benefits, and types of bay windows to see why they’re perfect for your home.

Canted bay window, oriel bay window, box bay window, and circular bay window

What is a Bay Window?

A Bay window is a window structure that extends outward from the wall of a building or home. The purpose of a bay window is to increase the wall surface area and allow for more interior natural lighting. Bay windows typically consist of a small shell that houses three windows. The center window is the widest and is fixed, meaning it cannot be moved, whereas the two side windows are typically narrower and can open and close. The side windows can be casement or double-hung windows. Bay windows are customizable through the structure, style, and desired placement on the house. Types of bay windows include:

  • Canted Bay Windows – Designed for the first level of a structure and are known to be the classic modern style of bay windows
  • Oriel Bay Windows – Designed for any level of a structure since they are built into the side of a building and do not touch the ground
  • Box Bay Windows – Structured the same as canted windows and are perfect to open the space without repositioning any wall
  • Circle Bay Windows – Typically placed at the corner of a house, topped with a cone-shaped roof, and consist of a unique structure with intricate moldings and decorative details

Benefits of Bay Windows

Bay windows are customizable to fit your style, needs, and desires. Bay windows add value to structures by:

  • Increasing natural lighting
  • Increasing ventilation and airflow
  • Providing additional interior space
  • Improving the curb appeal of your home

Walnut-colored bay window with inside shelf

Increased Interior Natural Lighting

By their very structure, bay windows allow natural light to flood into a home or building’s interior space from its 3-in-1 window structure. This unique angled design means you get more light from all directions for maximum natural light. This is good news since natural light can not only boost your mood but can also lower energy costs since bay windows ultimately minimize the amount of artificial light needed throughout the day.

Increased Ventilation and Airflow

Since bay windows have operational windows that can open and close, they allow airflow and ventilation throughout the structure of a home or building. During the spring, summer, and fall, bay windows are perfect to open for a cool breeze and to spread the fresh garden aroma throughout the home.

Stanek Window bay window with window seat with blue and tan cushions

Increase Interior Space

Since bay windows extend from the wall, more physical space is available in your home, providing additional ways to decorate and design the room’s space. For example, the space the bay window provides can serve as a lounging area by adding a sofa to the bay or the bed of a pet to rest and relax comfortably and peacefully in front of the window.

Some other bay window ideas are to utilize the increased room space for special occasions like holiday decorations, such as a Christmas tree, buffet table for a party, etc. The additional space a bay window provides can also be used to create a cozy reading or breakfast nook. Another bay window idea is additional storage, by adding a shelf or placing a storage bench in the nook in front of the window.

Overall, rooms with bay windows make a room feel more spacious since they provide extended views of the outdoors, increasing the space visually to extend outside the walls of the room.

Large brick home with two copper-topped bay windows

Improved Curb Appeal

Bay windows improve curb appeal through unique and customizable details. These windows allow for a wide range of options to be selected to complement the style/aesthetic of the home or building. In addition to the structural aspects of a bay window, the exterior can be decorated in unique ways for holidays and special occasions, e.g., a holiday wreath, lights, and/or flag for Independence Day.

Another bay window idea is to showcase the bay window with outdoor benches, accent chairs, and plants that will add personality and character to the home while still having the bay window as the focal point of the home’s exterior. Indoor herb gardens and outdoor flowers are great options that catch the eye because of their bright colors and attractive foliage.

Learn More About Bay Windows from Stanek

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Or if you’re ready to install a bay window in your home, schedule your free, in-home estimate, or give us a call at 1-800-230-8301 for more information.