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The Benefits of Choosing Sliding Windows

Posted by July 18, 2022 Categories: Replacement Windows Sliding Windows Vinyl Windows

Sliding window from inside a living room with a white couch and brown and white striped pillows

In this post, you will learn…

  • The benefits of sliding glass windows
  • The best places for sliding glass windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are a window style that has two or more sashes and open left and right along grooves in the frame. These windows open horizontally and are basically double-hung windows that have been turned on their side. Sliding windows have a lot of advantages and work well in many different types of spaces.

A third sash that is usually a fixed picture window can also be added between the two movable sashes for extra-wide spaces. You’ll often see this on the front of a home or in rooms where there is a fabulous view.

White framed three-lite sliding window

The Many Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have numerous benefits and are a great addition to any home. Gliding windows can be customized with window options including the type of glass, insulating gas, interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes, decorative grids and etched glass patterns. This gives homeowners the freedom to find the perfect window for their home.  

  1. Unobstructed Views: Gliding windows are ideal for openings that have a width greater than their height. This wide design offers a more expansive, horizontal view of the outdoors in comparison to a typical double- or single-hung window.
  2. Natural Light: Because of their wide frame, sliding windows let in a lot of beautiful natural light. Larger sliding windows will, of course, let in more natural light.
  3. Energy Efficient: Sliding windows don’t have the complicated moving parts that some other windows have, which allows them to be closed easily and securely. Securely closed windows help keep your home at a consistent temperature and can even lower your energy bills. Stanek sliding glass windows are also available in energy-efficient glass options.
  4. Low Maintenance: Sliding windows don’t have pulleys and springs, which can wear and fail over time. Because of their uncomplicated structure, gliding windows are very low maintenance.
  5. Increased Ventilation: Enjoy maximum ventilation with dual sliding sashes that allow you to open both sides of the window at the same time.
  6. Easy to Use: Sliding windows are very easy to open and close. The roller that the window sash slides on allows you to move the windowpanes with just the push of a finger. Due to their easy-to-use design, slider windows can be used in places where it may be difficult to reach to open or close the window, such as over a kitchen sink.
  7. Easy to Clean: Cleaning windows can be challenging, but not sliding windows. The window panels actually lift out with ease, making them extremely easy to clean.

White framed two-lite sliding window over a kitchen sink

The Best Spaces for Sliding Windows

Sliding windows work great in any home, but there are instances that make slider windows the perfect choice.

Rooms with Low Ceilings

Because sliding windows are typically wider than they are tall, they work great in rooms with low ceilings and can make the room look larger. They also provide low-ceilinged rooms with more natural light than a typical window, making the room feel more open.

Rooms with Low Ventilation

Sliding windows with dual sliding sashes can open more fully than other types of windows, making them a great option for low-ventilated spaces, such as apartments that only have windows at the front and back of the space.

Example of sliding window sizes with two sashes

As you can see in this configuration, two equal-sized sashes (two lites) make up the entire window. Both sashes slide open for maximum ventilation.

Learn more about Sliding Window Sizes

Small Rooms

Sliding windows can enhance the comfort of your home by making small spaces appear bigger with additional natural light and expansive views of the outdoors. Small bedrooms can benefit from sliding windows placed higher on the wall by allowing ventilation and light into the room while still maintaining privacy.

Large Rooms

Sliding window sizes range from small to large, depending on your needs. Larger windows with three panels can bring balance to large spaces.

White framed two-lite sliding window in a bathroom next to a white bathtub

Hard to Reach Places

Due to their easy-to-use design, you can use sliding windows in places where it may be difficult to reach to open or close the window, such as over a bathtub or kitchen sink. Sliding windows are also great for spaces where a casement, or crank-out window would interfere with a deck or sidewalk on the exterior.

Trust Stanek Windows with Your Replacement Vinyl Sliding Windows

Interested in learning about sliding window replacements? Check out sliding windows features, configurations, glass and screen options, color choices, and more. You can also visit our window buying resource center for helpful downloads.

Or if you’re ready to install sliding windows in your home, schedule your free, in-home estimate, or give us a call at 1-800-230-8301 for more information.