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2013 Window Prices by Type & Option

Double-Hung Window

In this post you will learn …

  • Why window prices are difficult to find online.
  • The average cost of replacing windows in 2013.

Looking for window prices online? You might be disappointed. For every twelve window manufacturers you might be able to find one or two prices on the manufacturer’s website. And when you do finally find a price, it will probably be a vague range of numbers, such as $5,000-$25,000. Not helpful, right? What’s up with all the cloak and dagger when it comes to window prices?

Here’s the Deal:

The reputable window companies are going to want to come out to your home before giving you a price estimate. They’ll want to measure your existing windows themselves and determine the type and option of window you’re considering. This in-home consultation process usually takes up to two hours to complete.

You’ll derive many important benefits from an onsite inspection. Your estimate will be more accurate, and in some cases much more accurate. The estimate will probably include options that a phone or email estimate won’t. And you’ll avoid unpleasant add-on surprises later on.

General Cost Comparison – High/Medium/Low

  • Premium windows - c. $750-$1,500 starting price per window, installed
  • Standard windows - c. $400-$700 starting price per window, installed
  • Low-end windows - c. $200-$350 starting price per window, installed

Average Project Cost Comparisons

The real cost of your new windows should take into account at least a ballpark estimate of its resale value. In the table below, you can see the average cost of mid-priced and upscale windows installation projects, along with the resale value, as well as the recouped cost. Bear in mind that energy-efficient windows can also significantly increase the cost recouped total over time. (Based on national averages for 2013. Source)

Avg. Cost Avg. Resale Value Rec. Cost
Mid-range, wood $10,708 $7,852 73.3%
Mid-range, vinyl $9,770 $6,961 71.2%
High-range, wood $16,361 $11,194 68.4%
High-range, vinyl $13,055 $9,295 71.2%

Price Comparisons by Window Type

  Low Mid High
Bay Windows $500 $800 $1,600
Casements $350 $550 $1,050
Double-Hung $125 $350 $700
Garden $500 $1,500 $2,000

Stanek Windows

Stanek® brand windows by Great Day Improvements are known for their exceptional beauty, superior quality and energy efficiency. The Stanek brand has been an industry leader in the Cleveland market since the late 1980s. Stanek windows are custom-designed and custom-made for your home and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Stanek representatives will work with you to create a custom window package that fits your budget. Schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate or call 800-230-8301 today!