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Window Treatments for Bay Windows

November 07, 2013 Categories: Bow & Bay Windows Window Treatments

Bay Window Treatments

In this post you will learn...

  • What are the benefits of having a bay window?
  • How to determine what window treatments to use for a bay window.
  • Looking to add a bay window to your home? Learn more about our bay windows today!

When it comes to decorative windows, nothing beats a bay. These windows, which bow outward from the wall, can be rounded, square or polygonal and often incorporate distinct sections. A box bay contains one middle window pane recessed the farthest from the wall and two angled panes on either side, which are generally smaller than the one they surround. Bow windows have several panels but are more circular in shape.

Bay windows allow more light into your living space than traditional windows, as they open up the room to light from various angles and make rooms feel larger than they are. Many options offer additional storage or seating space beneath the window panes, creating a distinct focal –and sometimes seating - point for the room.

Because the bay window is often the focal point of the room, it’s important to choose window treatments that allow in the light without closing up the space. The following tips will help you choose window treatments that will work for your distinct living space.

Consider the Feel of the Room

Before choosing blinds, drapes, curtains or shutters for your windows, consider its current feel. This should dictate the look of window treatment you choose for the bay window, as the treatments will tie the design together.

Is this a bedroom retreat or other room filled with soft fabrics? If so, consider framing the entire bay window with a set of drapes in a deeper shade that matches the current colors in the room. Hang these drapes from a straight rod that runs above the length of the windows, outside of the recessed area. Then choose sheer, flowing panels in a softer hue of the same color for the actual window coverings; these will tie together the décor without giving the room a harsh feel. Hang the sheers from a curved rod, or use straight rods above each individual pane and use two sheers per window, so they can be pulled back to open up the view.

Is the room a more elegant space located near heavy foot traffic, or a window in a home that’s located in a colder climate? If so, purchase heavier floor to top-of-window drapes that can be drawn shut when needed or opened up and tied together in the space where the windows meet for more light. Choose a bay window curtain rod designed to fit the angles of your window, so the blinds can be hung in the recessed area above the panes. Use darker fabrics that include UV coating, which will block the cold climate and peering eyes of the outside while protecting your furniture from the sun’s rays.

Is the space located in a room with a beachy, rustic feel? Skip the heavy drapes, as they will dominate the airy space, and instead consider purchasing wooden panels or screens that can be used to block the window when privacy is needed or pulled back when you want to open up the room. If you are a consignment store shopper you might be able to find wooden screens on your own.

Another Consideration: Privacy

If you live in a Victorian home on a busy San Francisco street, you’re probably going to want more privacy than a homeowner who resides on five acres of land and can’t see the neighbor’s home through the woods.

For those who need privacy, consider hanging a roll-up shade or blind next to the glass, along with sheers or heavier drapes over the blinds. Energy efficient honeycomb cellular shades block 100% of harmful UV light and can be rolled up when you want to let the light in and then shut when you want to block the view. Wooden blinds or verticals also allow for easy closing or opening of the window. Chose shades that match the décor of your home and you can skip adding drapes altogether.

If privacy isn’t in an issue, you might opt to frame the set of windows with a pair of floor to ceiling drapes that match your décor, leaving the panes themselves free of treatments. (Remember, though, that the sun’s harsh rays can damage skin and furniture if not blocked. Valances are also a great way to frame a bay window without losing any of the view. )

If you have any additional questions about window treatments for bay windows, feel free to contact Stanek® Windows.