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Wood Accessories to Complement Your Windows

March 10, 2015 Categories: Home Renovation Tips

Casement Window

In this post you will learn ...

  • How to match wood grains within a living space
  • How to balance wooden accent pieces
  • How to utilize painted wood accent pieces

Homeowners choose Stanek’s woodgrain interior windows to create a natural look for their living space without the maintenance and upkeep that real wood windows require. These beautiful framed features can be called out even more by adding wooden accent pieces to the living space. We’ve addressed three top questions homeowners ask when it comes to combining wooden room features, such as floors, windows and wooden accent pieces, like bowls and furniture, together in a living space.

1. Do all wood shades used in the room need to match?

wood grain windowsShort answer: No.

Long answer: Too much of anything is never a great thing, whether it’s your favorite dessert or the same grain of wood in a room. Yet going in the opposite direction – choosing five different variations of shades to decorate the space – could create an inconsistent and incomplete feel. Instead, choose two to three shade variations working from your windows. This will add depth and interest to the room.

For example Stanek’s medium oak woodgrain interior windows would pair well with lighter oak and darker walnut pieces to pull the room together.

2. Can I have wood floors, wood windows AND wood accent pieces?

Short answer: Yes!

wood grainLong answer: We mentioned above that variations on wood shades can be used together throughout the space. Before purchasing pieces identify the:

  • Shade of woods used for the floors and blinds
  • Feel you want to convey in the space

Richer wood, such as mahogany, lends a stately impression to a room when used in moderation; too much of it, though, could make your space feel confining. If your floors and windows are darker in hue, choose lighter-colored accent pieces.

To maintain balance, separate wood grains rather than clumping them together. Also, mix and match the color of accent pieces that will be placed on top of wooden furniture. For instance, if your windows are done in a rich cherry, which is the same shade as your dresser, choose a decorative piece in a lighter shade.

3. How can I use wooden decorative pieces that are painted?

Short answer: Easily!

Long answer: Many exciting and interesting pieces combine a wood base with an added color. To make this work in your space, choose one or two primary accent pieces that incorporate wood and color. Then purchase blankets, pillows and pictures that pull from the color used. Keep in mind as you shop that the color you choose on the wood accent piece will often set the tone of the room.

From rich shades to light and airy stains, using wood grain in your living space is a great way to create a unique, cozy and natural feel. Contact Stanek Windows today to learn more about our woodgrain interior windows, which offer the beauty of wood without the upkeep and maintenance. Choose from rich shades like walnut to a lighter, airy oak, and then decorate your space with wooden accent pieces to tie it all together.

For more information about our woodgrain interior windows, contact us today by scheduling a free in-home estimate.