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When to Replace Your Windows

August 20, 2013 Categories: Home Renovation Tips Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Window Photo

In this post you will learn...

  • How to determine when you need to replace your home windows.
  • Are you looking to replace your home windows? Learn more about Stanek Windows’ energy efficient window options.

It’s difficult to know when to replace your windows, or when to repair them. Here is an overview of problems that you may experience, and what they mean for your home.

You Feel Drafts in Your Home

When your energy bills begin rising outside of general seasonal trends, check the cracks and seals of your windows. There may be drafts that have gone unnoticed, or are starting to appear. You can check by manually feeling around the closures. Sometimes, older and cheaper windows will warp, leaving them unable to close properly. Although you can seal these drafts with DIY plastic, you are only covering up a problem, not fixing it.

Caulk or Seal Failure

If the caulking or window seal fails, you are going to experience drafts, cracks and create an entry point for excess moisture which could lead to even further issues in the walls of your home. You should inspect the caulk and seals yearly to ensure they are working properly. You can determine if they are leaking by holding a lit candle close to the window seams. If the flame bends, then it could be a draft. While this may be remedied by re-caulking the window, you will want to inspect the surrounding area to ensure moisture damage has not occurred.

Difficulty Shutting or Opening Your Windows

If your windows won’t shut or open with ease, chances are they have warped and the integrity of the window is no longer there. This happens most often in wood windows, as the wood will shrink and expand depending on the weather and temperature. Another issue with opening and closing windows will happen when the track becomes dislodged or out of place. This will need replaced or readjusted if so.

Peeling Paint on Window Frame or Sill

If the paint is starting to chip and peel from the exterior, you may want to pay attention to the window. Wear on the exterior shows highly weathered spots that have taken the brunt of storms and elements and the seal may be compromised as well. Once this begins, also make sure to check the interior for peeling, as this usually is a telltale sign of excess moisture or water exposure. If your window frames are wood, also examine the frame, as wood can rot when exposed to excess moisture. If you have other condensation issues, consider reading our window condensation solutions post.

Persistent problems with your windows can be a factor in additional home repair costs, so if buying a house full of new windows isn’t in your budget, you may consider replacing one side of the home at a time. Temporarily repairing the problematic windows may be fine, but remember to budget for your windows if you have reoccurring issues with your existing set of windows.